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A kangaroo and a pig have been pictured having sex in the Australian outback – and are believed to have been an item for a year.

kangaroo pig

In these mind-boggling pictures, the marsupial is seen mounting his porcine paramour and the pair nuzzling each other affectionately. In one image the kangaroo is seen with his arm draped across the pig in a protective manner as he gazes into the camera.

kangaroo pig2

The cross-species affair was discovered by researcher Ryan Frazer, 28, who was on a work trip in Australia’s Northern Territory when he and his colleagues stopped to stretch their legs in Aileron, about 80 miles north of Alice Springs.

But what the group thought would be a routine sight-seeing stop to see a local landmark – a giant statue of an indigenous man – turned out to take a strange twist.

kangaroo pig3

Ryan, a PhD student at Wollongong University, documented an unusual encounter with a local pig named ‘Apples’ and a kangaroo – which have apparently been in a relationship for over a year.

Ryan, 28, from Newtown, Sydney, who took the pictures two weeks ago, said: “We met them at a fence near the landmark and we were standing right in front of them really and they stopped there and were checking us out.

“It was pretty clear from the outset the kangaroo and the pig were strangely close, they were touching each other, the pig was nuzzling under the kangaroos arms.

“The kangaroo kind of like had its arm over the pig, and they were standing there checking us out – but like ‘together’ checking us out.

“The kangaroo got up on his back legs and showing his height, he was pretty big, almost two metres tall.

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